• Ambient Online Compilation Albums
    Every few months, Ambient Online Forum releases a compilation album of music by Ambient Online artists. I’ve been on that forum since 2013 and every now and then I make a track for such an album. But this year I set myself the goal of making something for every album. As a kind of anniversary.… Read more: Ambient Online Compilation Albums
  • Therapeutic music
    For years I have been involved with reiki, singing bowls and gongs to help people therapeutically. I have sold my singing bowls and the like, but I still possess the knowledge I gained. I have now used that knowledge to create a series of therapeutic tracks. I started this series because several fellow students of… Read more: Therapeutic music
  • Escape Velocity – 80 sounds for Omnisphere
    Escape Velocity – 80 sounds for Omnisphere. Use coupon Yuroun to get a 30% off.
  • Waldeinsamkeit
    Klaus Schulze passed on to the cosmos on April 27, 2022. A true pioneer of electronic music synthesis and composition. He leaves us a huge legacy of innovation and vision that has enlightened and inspired generations of new music composers. He is not gone but lives on into infinity with his and disciples work that… Read more: Waldeinsamkeit
  • Twelve years a go…
    Twelve years ago I started Yuroun Sound Design and started designing and selling sounds for Alchemy from Camel Audio. But after a few ears, in February 2015, Camel Audio was acquird by Apple. Because I can’t work with Apple products, I lost my interest in making synthesizer presets. I also lost interest in making music… Read more: Twelve years a go…